Tom Oakley Maintenance & Repair

This was a “website overhaul” project – meaning the website already existed, but needed to be completely redone. We started by thoroughly analyzing the old website. We looked at search engine ranking, traffic, and overall functionality. Then put together a list of suggestions for the owner and worked one-on-one with his team to come up with a site structure that fit their needs. 

Once the design was agreed upon, we began building each page. During this time we performed SEO research to make sure we were targeting the correct keywords and getting traffic from the appropriate audience. We optimized each page to rank on Google. Then we did a final test of the forms and it was ready to go live!

Overall, this project resulted in a more visually appealing look and better functionality within the site. The owner has received numerous requests for services and has found his website to be a beneficial tool to him and his business. 

Project Steps

How did we go about completing this project?

This is the step where we meet with the team and discuss pain points, needs, and overall vision for the website. 

This is where we run various software against the website to find current rankings and other statistics. This step is important to know what has been working and what really needs to be changed.

Here is where we physically map about the structure of the website – adding details for each section of each page. This is important to make sure we are going in the right direction. The team then signs off on the map.

This is the longest step: creating the actual website. From structure to visual appeal and functionality, this is where the magic happens. There are periodic check-ins with the team to make adjustments. 

Once the website is finished, this is where we test all the navigation items, forms, and other functionality within the site. 

Once the site has been thoroughly tested and the private site shown to the team, it’s time to go live! Now the public can see the new site and it can be shared on social media. Google is now able to crawl the site and start the ranking process. 

What the Client has to say

Lindsay did a phenomenal job of creating a website that fit our needs and made us money. Within a few days we started to see increased visits to the site and I started getting phone calls from people who found us online. I recommend Oakley Optimization for all your website and SEO needs to anyone.

Tommy Oakley | Owner of Tom Oakley Maintenance & Repair Services